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The HSS Bliss Ecospray is the latest in vine spraying technology.
It drastically reduces drift during vine spraying and guarantees even application.
A combination of French vine spraying and Dutch fruit spraying technology.

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A solution to drastically reduce drift during vine spraying.

When you think you have seen it all, it is an extraordinary experience when you find that developments continue. By combining the convenience of one spray system with the performance of a second spray system, a new spraying technology was born, following a development process based on technology from a French study to optimize the use of phytosanitary products in vineyards. The name of this new spraying technology is Bliss Ecospray. 

Bliss Ecospray rings combine the convenience of face-to-face spraying with the performance of recuperative panels.

Bliss Ecospray rings reduce the losses in the air and on the ground by more than 80% compared to the current state of the art.

Bliss Ecospray rings guarantee an even application to all leaves even in the heart of the crop.

Adaptable equipment for different types of chemical products in conventional and organic farming. (fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, copper, sulphur).

Economic gain on the use of your chemical product.

Patented Technology, Bliss Ecospray rings allow to reduce the losses in the air and on the ground by over 80% compared by current state of the art. 

Combining the latest technology from French vine spraying technology with the best Dutch fruit spraying technology from the firm H.S.S. Was an idea to develop further. After a period of thinking, sketching, constructing and building, it was also successfully followed by the practical field tests by the company H.S.S. 

H.S.S. has many years of experience in selling and in providing a service to all kinds of orchard sprayers. At a moment in 2008 it was time for the company to develop their own H.S.S. orchard sprayer by using their own experience and listening carefully to the wishes of fruit growers. This with the aim of producing the optimal machine. Since 28 August 2023, with this innovative Bliss Ecospray spraying technology, H.S.S. has a sprayer that allows winemakers worldwide to spray their grapevines properly and very environmentally friendly.

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The latest CF3000 has just landed in NZ
The latest CF3000 has just landed in NZ
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Book a demo with the brand new CF2000
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