About Vertical Spraying Solutions

Who are we?

We are Vertical Spraying Solutions, a young and innovative local business eager to offer our services to the horticultural and viticultural sectors in Hawke’s Bay. With more than 40 years of experience in the trade, our professionalism and problem solving is guaranteed. 

We value the importance of communication, efficiency, customer relations, continuous development and most importantly, working smarter, not harder. 

What do we offer?

Our business provides services, repairs, set ups and calibrations on orchard and vineyard equipment. The high quality services we provide prevent breakdowns, down time and interruptions. 

Our quick, cost effective repairs makes any customer’s job easier. With our product knowledge, we are able to correctly set up equipment so that the machinery can deliver optimum performance. We are certified calibrators, making it possible for customers to get their best results annually. 

We offer sales and service of Hol Spraying Systems sprayers. HSS products, manufactured in the Netherlands, are high end products that we are very passionate about. Compared to the market, their low drifting performance is one of the top ranked sprayers in Europe. 

HSS sprayers are well known and very successful in The Hawke’s Bay’s changing orchard industry. The product’s vertical tower nozzle and fan setup suits the the new adapted 2-D and V-Trellis Layout of orchards.

We are also a dealership for Freilauber vineyard equipment and Fischer mowers. Selling and servicing their equipment that are tailor made for its intended use, getting the job done clean, precise and sustainable.